There will be a temporary unavailability of my Banshee books. Switching publishers is a tedious process but rest assured, I'll have them available soon, come monsoon or avalanche. Targeted date for redistribution is 1 October 2016 -- how about sometime in Oactober?


Twist Legend into Truth...

Enter an alternate reality where King Arthur's founding of the Round Table and knights' quests are not myth, but elements of a sterling period in history.

In Ann Tracy Marr's paranormal Regency romances, King Arthur and Merlin leave a rich legacy that influences life in Regency England.

Camelot is the seat of the royal court of Britain; Prinny avoids it and his parents like the plague. Chivalry is a way of life for gentlemen, while ladies delight in balls, Norwich shawls, and gossip.

The Council of Mages works with the government protecting the peace of the Isles, but magicians keep their abilities secret from a people who remember Mordred's treachery.


Dear Cancer

A paperback and Kindle ebook on and other ebooks at

A diary and research journal of my battle with triple negative breast cancer.


The Banshee series

Available at . .

Like all star crossed lovers, Katherine and Alexander make a muddle of their relationship in To His Mistress. His stubbornness is unequaled and she is delightfully clueless. Behind the scenes, two magicians lay a wager on the success of the marriage. Mixing Human nature and magic produces unpredictable results.

In Round Table Magician and Thwarting Magic young, virile magicians find creating sparks with a lady as rewarding as making magic. One is a damn-your-eyes aristocrat, the other a whimsical admirer of kangaroos. The ladies they fall in love with are as different as a comet and the moon.

Is it odd to mix Camelot with the Regency? Perhaps, but readers and reviewers say it is oddly successful.



Life is good

as long as we have baby elephants

The original hearts


. . . wonderfully descriptive style. . .
Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

I can’t deny, I was totally entertained and completely engrossed
by this clever and intriguing story.
Marilyn Rondeau, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

. . . stirs such a wealth of emotions that the reader is enticed
to keep turning pages. . .
The Long and the Short of It

. . . skillfully blends together two genres in a fantastic alternate history. . .
Amanda Kilgore, Eternal Night

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