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Chapman family




Henry A. Baker published A History of Montville, Connecticut
in 1900. Included was a short genealogy of Joseph Chapman's
family. With errors.

Checking Chapmans is an effort to correct the errors Baker
introduced into the Chapman line. Using primary, secondary,
and less reputable sources, the position of every person in the
family has been proven, disproven, or placed in questionable
status. Every fact for every person has been backed up with
sources or clearly marked as speculative. Joseph's line has
been extended at least four generations where possible,
following each of his five children: Joseph, Zebulon, Dyah,
Gideon, Betsey, and Alpheus.

Baker's information on Jonathan Chapman, Joseph's brother,
and his family is also checked and expanded, though not as
extensively as Joseph's.

Families never before connected to the Chapman family have
been discovered and incorporated.

Until now, this family had not been documented in print except by Henry A. Baker. Checking Chapmans extends the genealogy of one line of descent of William Chapman, who was in New London, Connecticut by 1656, to at least eight generations.

Includes a bare bones Register style report and every name index. Indexes are dreadful things.




















Ann Tracy Marr, a descendant of Joseph Chapman, does not have professional credentials within the genealogical community. She does have 40 plus years of family tree research to draw from and a writing background capable of converting a genealogical report from dry to more enjoyable reading.



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Checking Chapmans will not be an e-book.
A paperback is it and a paperback it will always be.